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How to stay focused on your goals

Easy steps to create a vision board

We all have goals, be it personal, professional, spiritual or emotional. Perhaps you want to get a promotion at your job in the next 6 months, or you would like to lose some weight, or change some habits in your lifestyle: spend less time on your computer and more in nature.

Sometimes when we have a goal, just having a fleeting idea in our heads is not enough. Most people need a plan, need to determine a reachable goal in a specific time frame. A very useful tool in keeping yourself motivated and keeping that dream alive is a vision board. This is, essentially, a piece of cardboard or cork in which you either glue or clip pictures that represent what you are trying to achieve, the means in which you can achieve it or how your life will look like once you achieve it.

Before you create a vision board, make sure you understand the meaning and purpose behind it. If it is just a piece of cardboard with pictures stuck to it, it will not mean much. You should choose your pictures with intention and recognize that it might take work to achieve the desired results.

Step 1: Find the pictures; you can hunt through old stashes of magazines and newspaper or print some pictures from the internet that represent your goals.

Step 2: Assemble everything together and glue the pictures.

Step 3: Embelish! Add words, quotes that would motivate you or you can even paint if you feel confident.

Step 4: Display - it ́s important to keep your vision board in a place where you can see it every day, intentionally or not, and be reminded of your goals.

On another note, this process can be entirely digital if you are not comfortable with printing or you don ́t have the materials (newspaper, cardboard, glue). You can use free online programs such as canva to piece together the pictures and create a vision board as a wallpaper for your phone or computer.

Good luck!


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