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Friends of the wind

Hi everyone, i'm completing my third month as part of this beautiful team and project. I would love to talk about my interests, now that I'm in a project for a while.

I started windsurfing 4 years ago and over the years I have improved and followed on this path.

After finding Wheeling2help project, our dear Elpis on a video call told me that the point where the project is located is famous for surfing, but I couldn't imagine I would encounter an atmosphere I hadn't seen before and it is fascinating…

In the project we have various activities during the day, one of which is water sports, and I taught my volunteer friends water sports. It's a great pleasure for me because I like to help people fall in love with windsurfing.

The Surf Camp, which is famous as I mentioned at the beginning, is 2 kilometers away from where my project is taking place and I can take my windsurfing equipment with me with the bicycle system I have developed myself. A lot of people come to the surf point with a caravan and enjoy the holiday by surfing.

I also really like talking to people because they have different experiences and I love to listen to them.

I would like to mention a few families I have met, dear Alex and his amazing family, every time I go to their caravan, they invite me and offer me a treat.

They have a little girl named Nala who is very sweet and she accepted me as her friend. Besides her, dear Micha and Benedikt are very dear people and many more.

I wanted to try Wingfoil, which is a specialty of windsurfing, and has been my dream for many years, but I've never had the possibility of finding the equipment. Another superhuman I met here is Francisco, who lives in Switzerland and is 75 years old, but he stays in the water for an average of 6 hours every time he goes surfing.

He said he wanted to teach me Wingfoil and it was a great chance for me to learn the sport I had been dreaming about for many years from someone with such experience. I agreed and we started a few classes, after the second I learned to use it on my own from the end of the day, of course, I am grateful to the universe for getting such a chance of receiving amazing synchronicities.

I am very happy to be a part of Wheeling2Help while having these beautiful memories and experiences.

Finally, following the wind is the most correct decision.


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