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MyQuest Tanzania International Group

Join us in a MyQuest solidarity trip in Tanzania that will change your life!


5 – 15 November

Tanzania is a beautiful country with tropical vegetation, endless hectares of savannah, indigenous forests, and wonderful people, that we are happy to visit every year.

During the last 6 years that we have been to Gongo Village with MyQuest Solidarity Trips from Wheeling2help, we have painted and equipped the local dispensary, we have built a chicken farm, toilets and kitchen for Gongo Primary school, a women cooperative building for the Gongo Mamas, as well as an agricultural center for sustainable farming, which will also become soon the market place of the village!

This winter we are going back to Gongo village, to get involved in deep with all the projects we have started the past years as well as new projects that arise. The main areas that we focus are:

Education – sports, cultural, environmental activities at Gongo Primary School.

Empowerment – activities at the women cooperative of Gongo Mamas, with whom we are making fabric of batik & tie dye, sewing, basket weaving, etc.

Conservation – activities such as tree planting, clean-ups and upcycling workshops.

We are not traveling to Tanzania just to work on the projects mentioned above, but also to meet the local people of Gongo Village, become part of their everyday life, celebrate together, learn from each other, and create a relationship which will give us back so much and create strong feelings that we will be carrying with us for long time!

Do you want to live this unique experience?


5 November : Departure from Athens (or wherever you are based)

6 November : Arrival and exploring Dar Es Salaam

7 November : Departure with bus to Gongo Village

7 - 13 November : Project at Gongo village & parallel activities

14 November : Return to Dar Es Salaam, strolling, shopping

15 November : Return to Athens (or wherever you are based)

Few words about SANA and its vision…

The organisation SANA (Saving Africa’s Nature) which is based in Pwani region, in the ourskirts of Saadani National Park, is primarily focusing on the protection of the environment and wildlife using sustainable ways to protect flora and fauna. SANA’s work is targeting in the common participation and involvement of both the local communities and the authorities, from design to implementation. The villages where SANA is operating are Saadani, Matipwili, Gongo and Mkange due their close distance from Saadani National Park and Community Forest of Zaraninge. In these villages SANA has provided support and improved the education, health and the living standards of the people through alternative sources of income.

Accommodation and food!

Get ready for the most beautiful camp you have ever done!

The SANA organisation is hosted in a magical place in the forest where all the volunteers will be staying, SANA camp. Our accommodation will be in shared rooms, with common toilets and showers, that will be enough for everyone. The food is mostly vegetarian traditional African, not spicy!

There may not be the luxuries you are used to have at home, but honestly the whole atmosphere is unique! The landscapes and the views are amazing, people are incredibly hospitable and the aim of the project very important.

Of course, apart from the construction activities, the schedule includes wonderful parallel activities such as:

Walking tour in Gongo Village and meetings with the locals

Visit to the Gongo Primary School and games with children

Visit at the previous projects of Wheeling2help in cooperation with SANA

Hiking through Miseni Forest

Swahili language classes

Visit to the Sacred Miseni Hill

African Music Nights with Djembe and dances around the fire

Safari at Saadani National Park (optional)

Various workshops such as weaving, cooking with the mamas, etc!

Participation cost:

250 euro / person, which includes:

Contribution for SANA’s projects at Gongo Village. You can cover this amount by yourself or by starting a crowdfunding campaign for the cause, 100 euro

7 nights at SANA camp including all the meals, 70 euro

Transportation costs from and to Gongo Village, 30 euro

Organisation costs, 50 euro

Participation cost does NOT include:

Visa, which we Greeks can apply either online or just obtain it on arrival at the airport of Dar Es Salaam and it costs 50 euro, for our Cypriots friends is FREE!

Accommodation at Dar Es Salaam which costs about 12 euro (Slow Leopard Hostel), and

The aeroplane ticket.

The dates of the project are specific, but if you have more free time, it is definitely worth to stay a few more days to visit some beautiful places of Tanzania, such as Serengeti National Park for safari or Zanzibar island for its pristine beaches. For these arrangements, you can communicate with the other volunteers who may have similar plans with you, at the facebook group that we have created for the trip. There is no specific deadline that you have to apply to participate in our trip and because the spots are limited, the trip will be regards as full when the spots will be covered.


For your participation to be valid, you need to:

Send us an email at .

Join our facebook group, where we will be posting news related to our trip in Tanzania.

Deposit 100 euro as payment in advance at one of the following bank accounts:

*Account Name : Wheeling2help*

*Bank Name : Eurobank EFG*

*ΙΒΑΝ : GR7002602740000370201412163*


*Revolut : +306987757229* :

We prefer Revolut as there are no transfer fees.

After our communication, send us the reservation of your travel ticket .

It is obligatory that you will stay for the whole duration of the program at the village and participate in all the activities.

In case of cancelling your participation, the payment in advance is NOT being returned.

Travel Preparation

Passport – Visa : In order to travel you will need to have a valid passport with an expiry date longer than 6 months from the day you depart. If the expiry date is shorter than 6 months from the travel date, the airline company will deny you to travel. To enter Tanzania, a tourist visa is required, which you can easily obtain on arrival at Dar Es Salaam airport. Citizens from Cyprus they get tourist visa for free!

Vaccination: One of the first thoughts related to these kind of destinations, because our mind is used to think about negative scenarios, is about vaccines. We want to calm you and inform you that with a good organization/planning and precautions, there is nothing you need to be afraid! The truth is that if you ask 10 different people, they will tell you 10 different opinions about the vaccines and which ones you should do. The only sure thing is that in order to enter the country, NO vaccine is required. However, since you know better yourself and your body, we recommend that you check with your doctor and the relevant health authorities in your area, regarding the vaccines of :

Typhoid vaccine (lasts for 3 years)

Triple DTP vaccine for diphtheria-tetanus-diftheritis-pertussis (lasts for 10 years)

Polio vaccine

Hepatitis Α και Β

Yellow fever vaccine (for times to times it is obligatory for Zanzibar, please check)

Malaria pills

Insurance travel : It is recommended, especially after the outsburst of corona pandemic. There are many insurance companies with budget options.

You can also watch the video from our first MyQuest solidarity trip in Tanzania in November 2017, here εδώ!

For further information, you can always contact us at .

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