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People Matter

It has already been almost a month since I arrived at this amazing place called NISI Glamping under the care of Wheeling2Help. Not even I can believe how amazing it has been and all the things I have learned in a matter of weeks. For me, one of the things that make a place special is their people, and so far I can tell that the place that will be my home for the next months holds very unique people that contribute to making it so magical. That is why I would like to dedicate my first blog entrance to them.

When you enter the Glamping you can always find people having a great time and the people that keep this place alive. You can find in the reception either sweet Giorgina or Xristina who give anything that you may need like access to bicycles to explore the surroundings, blankets or towels, even ping pong paddles to entertain the kids! If you continue to the left, you will reach the restaurant area where there’s always the hardworking personnel maintaining everyone fed, including Xrissa and Thanos , and if you continue straight you’ll find the bar area where XX keeps the beverages ready for everyone.

Now if you follow the path, you’ll come across my favorite spot in the Glamping: Xeirotexnion. For me it’s definitely the heart of the whole place, where we always gather to share workshops with our team and anyone who would like to join! This area is where Elpis, Dora, Penny, Anthe and Ilias are either working with kids and their families or planning great activities for the week.

Finally, if you continue the path you will get to our house! The place where I met my amazing family for this summer. Starting from my roommate Nicolle, an energetic Colombian that brings me back to Latinoamerica everytime we speak. Next to us are the boys of the house: Umut from Turkey and Vasco from Bulgaria. They are inseparable and keen to help in every activity we’re part of. Finally you can always find hanging out outside Geanina from Romania and our Italians Giorgia and Sara. They give the best advice and Giorgia as a coordinator always takes good care of us.

Sometimes when we have the chance to receive people from other projects, we have the chance to exchange with young souls from all over the world. So far I have met the best Spanish team including the two Angies, Blanca, Claudia and Carmen, the beautiful Italian Eva and finally the creative intern from Kinitro Org Ula.

I have definitely had the best days sharing and learning with all of these people and I cannot wait to meet tons of other amazing guys and girls!

Andrea from Romania

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