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My second home!

Why is it my second home?

Because I feel like I've been at home since the first day my project started.

On my first day I took a flight to Athens, the capital of Greece and then a short train ride was waiting for me.

My stop was in Olympiakos, the largest basketball team in Greece stadium and fortunately for me, on my first day there was a EuroLeague qualifying match and all the streets and trains were filled with crazy fans.

The project coordinator who greeted me at the stadium was Tassos, the friend of Wheeling2help founder Elpidoforos. We set off for Raches, the town where the project will take place, and after a 2-hour drive, I arrived at my second home.

After a comfortable and restoring sleep, I started a good day.The first morning I met my other volunteer friends, Gigi from Romania and Andrea, who was born in Venezuela but lives in Spain, and 2 days later I met our other volunter friend Nicolle.

Our project started simultaneously with a youth exchange project hosted at NISI. I am lucky because I have made close friends from many countries…

Currently, our project is becoming more efficient every day, we have weekly plans, a vegetable garden, workshops, dancing and playing activities with children, cleaning the beach and the environment, various painting activities and water sports (the area where I am an expert).

As the summer comes, our project will become more and more fun. my next dream is to reflect the experiences I have gained from the project and the good memories into my future work and education life.

Be free, which is my life motto, and feel the wind in you all the time.

Written by : Umut Kacar

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