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International youth day

An interview to our volunteers.

To commemorate international youth day we interviewed 3 of our volunteers from Wheeling2help and asked them 14 questions that explore from their perspectives different views on banal but also very important topics. We talked about the definition of love, the world, and superpowers. We hope that you get to know more about them through these questions and ask other young around you some of them.

1. Describe yourself in 5 words or less.

Andrea: Creative, kind, empathetic, elegant, and responsible.

Gigi: Compassionate, diplomatic, people-pleaser, hardworker.

Umut: Water, happy, foodie, dreamer, energy.

2. If you could have only one superpower, what would it be?

Andrea: Teletransportation. I could go to every place I would like to see and visit instantly.

Gigi: To be able to read everyone's mind, because I have a real hard time seeing who is genuine to their intentions and who is not so I would like to know what actually people think and what their true intentions are.

Umut: to fly.

3. If you could give every person in the world a gift but it would have to be the same gift, what would that gift be?

Andrea: An “arepa”. This is the national dish of my country and is part of my culture. I think culture joins people together and when you shared your culture with others, you get together. I think one of the things the world is missing is empathy and the wheeling to be together.

Gigi: I would give every single person one million dollars

Umut: A seashell.

4. If you could set one rule for the family that we all have to follow, what would it be?

Andrea: no judgment. Zero criticism.

Gigi: Never ignore the wrong things, any conflict. Always talk them out or find the solution until you resolve them you never sweep it to the side.

Umut: Always have a smiling face.

5. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Andrea: New Zealand, because is such a remote place in the world. It is an unknown place to me. All I know is that is beautiful and because there is a person that I would love absolutely to meet there.

Gigi: I would live in the United Kingdom because I love the rain.

Umut: Spain.

6. When do you feel a child or teen becomes an adult?

Andrea: When you have to actually take care of yourself. Whenever you have to put yourself first in some situations. For instance, you went out clubbing and then you realize you are super tired, a teen would keep drinking, dancing, and doing whatever he/ her wants but as an adult, you would say no I would go home and sleep. That is taking care of yourself. Putting your need first

Gigi: I feel like we are teens into our 20s, but maybe when you move out of home, when you become responsible for yourself, that’s when you become an adult.

Umut: When I needed to go work and get money to earn my things I feel like an adult.

7. Of all the things you’re learning, what do you think will be most useful as an adult?

Andrea: Take care of yourself.

Gigi: I think the most useful thing I learned is that always is not about what happens to you is about how you reacted to it and also that other people's opinions don’t reflect on myself at all, you need to know your own values and stand by what you know about yourself instead of depending on external validation.

Umut: Always think positive and have hope for the future.

8. Describe what a perfect day would be from the moment you wake up until bedtime.

Andrea: I would be like. Wake up next to a person I love or like, and have a good breakfast with avocado because I loved it. Then go for a swim or bike with that person. Then split and enjoy my time alone, I eat something I love (…) for example a hamburger, then take a nap, call my friend or mom, or go for a coffee or a drink -a vermouth- and then meet that special person again, enjoy conversations and fall asleep. Ohh, a dog has to be in the day too.

Gigi: So I lived in the UK, but now I am in a vacation house in Finnland, so I wake up and in the morning I go straight into the sea for a swim and then I come back to the house have butter on toast with sweet tea, and then we get dressed and go for a hike, find a really nice restaurant for lunch and I have lemonade with shrimp pasta. I am with my family and my friends and we played nice games, like Rummy, my favorite board game. We go with my boyfriend to watch the sunset the two of us, we have wine and go to bed.

Umut: For me, a perfect day is if I wake up not tired after 8 or 9 hours of sleep and can make a really good Turkish breakfast and If I can see happy faces not sad. Then whatever I do in the afternoon either sport or something not bored, for me the day is perfect.

9. If you could change anything in the world, what 3 things would it be and why?

Andrea: The money distribution in the world. Equality for everyone no matter race, religion, gender, or nationality. Awareness of climate change, let people understand this is real and happening so we could be all more conscious about the things we do.

Gigi: I would take all the money from Jeff Bezos because that would end poverty. Nobody in this world would be hungry if take his money and distributed it equally across the population of the world.

I would also impose more hard laws on animal protection.

Umut: I would eliminate all guns to stop wars, bad people, and the power of money because money has taken the mind of people who are always thinking about it

10. If you could eat dinner with 3 people you don’t know, who would it be and where would you go?

Gigi: Dolly Parton, Kim Kardashian, and my dead grandmother I never met, We would go to the most expensive restaurant we can find because Kim K will pay.

Andrea: Matt R. a guy who I don’t know in person, but I feel a good connection with; Corey Taylor the lead singer of slipknot and Post Malone. I don’t really care about the place, we could go to eat gyros.

Umut: A professional windsurfer, Elon Musk, and XXX tentasion -a raper- we will go close to the sea in a boat to have dinner.

11. What’s a hobby that you don’t currently have that you’d love to learn? What’s holding you back?

Andrea: Something related to sports. Could be kitesurfing. What is holding me back is laziness and money because of the equipment.

Gigi: How to Roallerskate super good on 4 wheels. I tried a couple of years ago, I bought the skates, but I returned back because they were so slippery and hard to control. I did not have the patience back in the day, I feel that if I try now I would be different.

Umut: I want to play electric guitar because I like jazz and rock. I don’t do it because I need private space and the guitar is so noisy.

12. How would you explain the word “love” to someone without using the word “love?”

Andrea: kindness, understanding, connection, empathy.

Gigi: The feeling when you care deeply about someone else well-being and you want to see them having the best absolute life they can even if it does not include you.

Umut: I could explain to someone how much I like to do my job and how much I enjoyed and feel-good vibes that I forget about time.

13. What product would you stockpile if you found out it wasn’t going to be sold anymore?

Andrea: Caprice

Gigi: Chocolate. Almond chocolate.

Umut: Chicken to make burgers.

14. If you could grow up to be famous, what would you be famous for?

Andrea: I would like to be famous for absolutely nothing, like Kim Kardashian. That is the selfish answer. But actually, it could be for being an actress or singer.

Gigi: An actress. I don’t want to be like a reality TV kind of start because a lot of your life becomes public, but when you are an actress I feel like you can keep away from the spotlight in that showbusiness kind of sense and people will know you because of your talent, because of your work, but you don’t have to showcase your personal life if you don’t want to.

Umut: I would like to be an actor.

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