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Global Village

What’s more beautiful than seeing the world all together, sharing and discovering other cultures?

We, Wheeling2help, are dedicated to give you the opportunity to take part of our wonderful international projects, to travel and meet the people of many countries. It is also our dream to bring them to you and we’d like you to experience this beauty in our Global Village events at Nisi Raches.

We invite you to come and participate to five thematic nights with animation, dance and food for a total immertion and wonderful moments! This summer we go to Africa, Brazil, India, the Carribean and Arabian countries.

Let us tease your adventurer’s appetite with our delightful program:

10/07: African Dance and delicious dinner, followed by a summer camp with djembé and dance from 10/07 to 12/07

17/07: Live capoeira and singing with a Brazilian dinner, opening of the Capoeira festival in Nisi from 17/07 to 19/07

24/07: Exotic Indian Bollywood dance show with a tasty Curry

09/08: Savoury Jamaican night with carribean dinner and music

24/08: Arabian night animated with a dance show and a wonderful oriental meal

Come travel and experience the world with us!

You will find more information about our events in our Facebook page.

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