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Bienvenidos to Greece!

Let us introduce you to Joan, Eva and Steisy!

This year we are collaborating with University Andreu Nin from Spain and we are hosting 3 trainees under the programme Erasmus+ Traineeship.

Institut Andreu Nin is a reference High School of higher education and vocational education & training in El Vendrell, just 50 minutes from Barcelona, Spain.

Their formative offer is composed of eight branches of studies that prepare the students to face a challenging and demanding professional world, for example:

  • Sports and natural guiding

  • Social and community services

Would you like to know a few things from our trainees?

Joan Domínguez: He’s specialized in sports and doing events with an incredible energy. Joan makes people not to be bored at NISI.

He’s always waiting for you with a big smile and a lot of power to share with all of us.

Eva Gómez: She's a student specialized in Social and Community services, in special Social integration. Eva is a person who loves helping people and making others happy. She is an empathic girl and you can always trust her. She also loves traveling, animals and nature. These are the reasons why she came to work with us.

Steisy Quiñones (Tess): She is a student from Institut Andreu Nin (where she is studying Social Integration), she is also specialized in social work and in the education of social abilities for the community. Tess is a person who loves being with people but also loves the way people communicate, due to this she loves dynamic activities and creating strong relationships in a global way. She loves traveling and experiencing new things, but also loves being in love with the atmosphere that involves her and makes all people feel that they are in the right place.

They will stay with us for 2.5 months until the end of June!

Come and meet them!

Students from Andreu Nin their first day at Nisi

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