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Wheeling2help started out as a crazy idea and continues as a movement of love and solidarity!  


The beginning was with the 6motnth travels AfriQuest and AsiaQuest in Africa and Asia respectively, where the Elpidoforos and Dora only with their tent and backpacks crossed 2 continents participating and providing humanitarian assistance to the communities in need.  


The 2 major cycling projects Wheeling2help followed up, London-Athens in 35 days raising money for children with neoplastic disease for the Association Floga and Instabul- Heraklion Crete-Heraklion Crete in 32 days in order to buy 100 wheelchairs, where thousands of people participated in whole Greece!

Being supported and loved by several people that were on our side, and with our vision of initiating young people in volunteering, our actions now focus on Greece and abroad as following:


  • Greece : we are based at NISI in Raches Fthiotidas.  NISI is a multiplex/educational centre that offers the possibility of stay in both our Glamping type tents and your own tents, in a lovely green space by the sea.  We operate between April-October, and during these months we organize several activities inspired by our passion for sports, environment, culture, education and volunteerism. We grow our vegetables in own vegetable garden, do composting, recycling, organize Beach cleanups, tree planting, hikes, display documentaries, perform presentations for trips and volunteering to students, we host blood donating, workshops on Robotics, renewable energy sources, natural building, among others.


  • My Quest Interaction Travels: Travels from the I to the WE as we like to call it. This is for 10 day trips- in developing countries, in communities that we visit every year and work together with the locals on important issues such as water, education, housing, youth and women empowerment etc. Our accommodation and diet is very close to that of the locals, and the reason behind this is because we want to be part of the culture and of their daily lives. We coexist and work together nourishing trust, respect and mutual respect. The period of these MyQuest  travels is between November – April (as during April – October we are at NISI Multiplex), and for the moment being we work with communities and organizations that are active in Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya and Vietnam. Of course we do not stop here, on the contrary, we are constantly trying to find ways to help daily the world become a better place!