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After the two amazing cycling trips of Wheeling2help (London to Athens in 35 days raising money for children with cancer and Istanbul to Heraclion Creta in 32 days raising funds for children with disabilities), it is time for

Kalosyni Project (which means kindness in Greek)!

Dates : 10-30 October

Route : Budapest – Lamia

Means : Bicycle

4 countries, 20 days, 1.500 kilometers

Budget : 0 euro!!!

Kalosyni Project is a social experiment and by cycling with a 0 euro budget, our goal is to prove that:

1) There is still kindness in this world. During the trip I will approach random people and ask them to host me, feed me and generally help me without money involved.

2) You don’t necessarily need a lot of money to travel. If you sacrifice some needs and comforts and trust people, if you really want to travel and explore, you can do it even with 0 budget!!

By doing this project, we hope to inspire people to travel, be open to other people, learn to trust and help each other.

We also want to make a small video-documentary, which we will use for screenings, presentations, discussions in schools and events in  Greece, where we will talk about our experience!