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Driven by our need to share our unique experiences during the 6 months travel AfriQuest and AsiaQuest, where we participated in various humanitarian projects, we started these MyQuest Journeys of interaction, a trip from the I to the WE, as we like to call it!

These travels turn around 3 very important axes:

  • We learn more about ourselves. We redefine values and ideals.
  • We offer service to others, and have the sense of being an important part of the community.
  • We live in harmony with nature, so we’ve neglected in the western culture.

During MyQuest interaction travels we work with small local organizations providing our help to the needs of the local community. These projects will continue, as we visit every year these communities and see the progress they made as well as the challenges they face. The aim is apart from helping on basic needs such as water, health care, education, etc., also to empower the youth and women, so that they don’t depend on foreign donors.

The accommodation and our diet is very close to that of locals, and the reason behind this is that  want to be part of the culture and of their daily lives. We coexist and work together nourishing trust, respect and mutual appreciation.

The period of these MyQuest  journeys is between November – April (as during April – October we are at NISI Multiplex), and their duration is about 10 days, as such allows holidays that people can get off work!

For the time being, the communities and organizations that we collaborate with are in Nepal, Tanzania, Kenya and Vietnam.

Everyone can participate in the missions, as long as you are open to learn and adapt to a different environment and is willing to offer selflessly.

There is no age limit, nor concrete specialties are  required, everyone can help in a different way to the mission.

If you are interested in participating to the next MyQuest interaction travels, send us an email to info@wheeling2help.com.