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Our base for all the lovely projects we do, is located in Greece, at NISI Multiplex in Raches Fthiotidas.  

NISI is a multiplex/educational centre that offers the possibility of stay in both our Glamping type tents and your own tents, in a lovely green space by the sea.  


We operate between April-October, and during these months we organize several activities inspired by our passion for sports, environment, culture, education and volunteerism. We grow our vegetables in own vegetable garden, do composting, recycling, organize Beach cleanups, tree planting, hikes, display documentaries, perform presentations for trips and volunteering to students, we host blood donating, workshops on Robotics, renewable energy sources, natural building, among others.

You can follow our program with all our amazing events going on daily and visit along with your family or organize a field trip with your school in our space.


In April 2019 we launched at NISI the educational center “Sea Change Greek Islands ReMake Plastic Lab”, where we recycle the plastic one use products brought to us by students, organizations, groups, institutions and businesses, and give a second life by creating new products useful for the community.

Wheeling2help is an Ambassador of the Greek Islands Sea Change Programme of welfare institution Athanasios Mr Laskaridis, supporting a holistic intervention for the protection of the environment.

For more information, www.nisi.com.gr/22380 31809.