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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1) I am not a cyclist. Can I join?

Do you think any of us is a cyclist? We are a beautiful group of people that likes biking, but it’s just a hobby for us, we are not participating in competitions or something like that. . The idea is for all of us to get our bikes to take a nice stroll for good purpose. It is definitely suggested to do some training before, especially if you are participating for several days, but generally we keep a normal pace at 15km per hour, with stops every 30km or whenever we are tired


2) How many kilometers do you bike per day?

The program with the dates has been posted and we will soon estimate the kilometer for each day. You will be able to track our route and exactly where we live from the live correspondences we post daily. The program is based on the events that will take place in each city. So, distances usually range between 50-80 km per day on average. Surely, however, we will not exceed 100km, so there is no stress at all!

3) What bicycle do I get? And from equipment?

The type of the bicycle you choose is besed on our preferences, but it is definitely suggested to be as light as possible. You do not necessarily need a route bike because you can get tired with the long distances. Me and Dora are using the T2000, courtesy of Carrera, a trekking bike. From equipment you should definitely have helmet, bucket (s), extra tube tyre and lights. If you come for longer, it is advisable to have luggage for your stuff, a lightweight waterproof coat, shorts with a cushion (it helps a lot!) and gloves. Personally, we do not use bicycle shoes because we are not used to it and in any case it is not a race but a beautiful bike ride. 

4) Is there a participation fee? 

No, we do not accept money, only smiles! The project is open to everyone as long as there is an average level of fitness, and something quite important is to be consistent in departure times in the mornings, because the events in each city are on specific times we need thereofre to be punctual. 


5) Do I need to carry my own food? 

From our experience last year, we eat one big meal a day, and this is the supper. In the morning we will eat something to keep us before we start, and all we carry is energy cereal bars, cookies and electrolytes. There is no need to get stressed about that, ourselves as well we got used them last year for the first time, but they really provide energy and help you avoid dehydration and injuries. Pharma-C supports our efforts and we will provide these products with a great discount for everyone!


6) Where will we stay?

Do I need to look for rooms? Will we camp? The fact that the participation is open without a participation fee makes it difficult for us to arrange accommodation as one can cancel the participation or organise to come last minute. We, as organizers of the project, do not provide accommodation. Nonetheless, individual teams in most of the cities that will be hosting events may be able to accommodate up to a certain number of people. As our budget is limited and the idea is to have accommodation with the basics, if there is no host at a place, we suggest that you bring a tent. Of course, if you prefer a level of comfort, you can book your own room.


7) Is it dangerous; Will we be riding trough the National Hightway? Should I carry a first aid kit? 

The sad truth is that in Greece cyclists are not treated always with caution by car drivers, biking therefore might involve some risk. Nevertheless, the fact that we will be numerous limits this risk, but you should always be cautious. Wheeling2help does not bear any responsibility in case of an accident and every cyclist participates at their own responsibility. The route does not cross in any case the National Highway, this is prohibited by the law and we always use less central countryside roads. We will be caring a first aid kit provided by  pharma-C, that would include all the basics; if you need anything in particular please get in touch with us!


8) 20 events in 32 days; Do I have to participate in all the events?

One of the most basic elements of the project is the volunteer events / celebrations that will take place in the cities that we will cross! Believe us, it will be one of the most beautiful experiences! City squares full of smiles and positive energy, with wonderful actions for a unique purpose! And you will feel unique when you realize that you are a big part of it. All the fatigue of cycling disappears and we all become one with the wonderful feast that  Wheeling2help team organizes with great effort in the different cities! Of course, if someone just wants to rest to hold forces for the next day, it’s completely understandable!


9) Will there be van / car escorting us?

We are in the process of looking for an accompanying car that will facilitate many of our issues, such as when someone gets tired, places the bicycle on the grill and continues, or to carry the tents, etc. Last year we had the honor to be accompanied in the part of Greece of our total trip by a friend’s jeep, Manos Hatzigiannis, who will be with us this year for some part of the route, but we will definitely need another car for the rest of the days so we can always have someone with us. Summing up, there will probably be, but let’s not take it for granted. Of course, if you know someone who would like to help us with this part, we would appreciate it a lot.


10) Do you have sponsors? Will there be an official Wheeling2help t-shirt?

To meet some basic needs of the project, such as bicycles, equipment, some tickets, cycling clothes, pharmaceuticals, etc, we have approached some companies that support our effort by providing the respective products / services. In addition, the National Paraolympic Committee is with us on board, recognizing the effort we make to inform people on the subject of disability and also to support our National Paraolympic Team! As for the bike, we suggest you buy the official Wheeling2help T-shirt from the Kovanis craft company, which supports our effort by offering a 24-euro cycling t-shirt with a very good discount. For orders you can send me a personal email to el.chrysovergis@gmail.com.


1) I want to participate actively in the fundraising, how can I do it?

This year, focusing on children with disabilities, our goal is to raise EUR 19,000 and buy 100 wheelchairs, we will supply 5 of tem in each of the 20 cities we will pass. The money will be collected by piggy banks in various locations and in a bank account, but mainly through the crowdfunding online campaign that will begin in August on the Greek ‘GiveandFund’ platform. On this platform, there is the possibility of becoming a project ambassador as well, by entering the exclusive team that runs the fundraiser.


12) Does the campaign include some expenses for cyclists or are they all for the purpose?

100% of the money goes for the purpose and the personal expenses of the participants are purely their own costs, as is done for so long in our projects in Africa and in Asia, and of course with wheeling2help vol.1! We strive to reduce budget to a minimum by hosting, sponsoring products, etc., but the costs of our personal expenses are always covered by us, separating them from the campaigns we do each time for a specific purpose.


13) I want to ride with you for a few days and also help organize the event in my city. How I do it;

For cycling, you can simply fill in the “Cycling Form”, and to help in organizing events in a city, the “Volunteer Form”, with the appropriate fields helping us place you in the appropriate team.