From New Delhi to Beijing! 

Asia always seemed exotic in our mind. Stunning beaches, beautiful scenery, amazing people, delicious food, special aura and unique cultures are just a few things that attract us to explore this vast continent.  

In reality, our philosophy about life changed during the 6 months we stayed in India in 2010 when we realized that happiness comes from smiles and love, traveling and collecting experiences, not money. Keeping this in mind we decided that we should go back and lose ourselves in the exotic Asian culture.

During the trip we once again filmed a documentary with our experiences and of course we participated in volunteer programs in Nepal, Cambodia and Vietnam.

10 countries, 6 months and 3 volunteering programs!  

The path we followed was:

14/12/2015: Starting from the chaotic capital of India, New Delhi, we discovered the crazy streets with ricksaw, we visited the Taj Mahal, the majestic love symbol in Agra, our favorite Golden Temple in Amritsar, the home of Dalai Lama in Dharamsala and many more before continuing in Nepal.


In Nepal we volunteered for a few weeks with Conscious Impact, where we helped in the reconstruction of Nepal following the recent earthquakes. The next stop was in Thailand, the most easily accessible exotic destination on Earth! After the baptism with the Buddhist culture and after loosen a bit on golden beaches, we got a little taste of multicultural Malaysia, tasting each dish of Chinese-Indian-Malaysian food in the street, the stunning Batu Caves but also the spectacular Kuala Lumpur!

The best combination of East and West cultures form the incredible Singapore, which you definitely need to explore. The next destination was Indonesia, with the chaotic Jakarta, the exotic Bali and the famous temples in Yogyakarta and Borobudur.

Then, in order not to come back to the previous countries, we flew to Cambodia, a country with a history of both inspiring and depressing, and of course an enchanting destination that captivates all who visit it. The Angkor Wat temple complex is a childhood dream that must take place for any traveler who wanders into this part of the world!

Our trip continued in Viet Nam, a kaleidoscope of vivid colors and subtleties, exotic sights and unusual sounds, imposing architecture and a historical war that we all know about. There, we charged our batteries by organizing the third and last project of volunteering of AsiaQuest, where actually several friends came from Greece to volunteer.

Just before ending our journey in China, Elpis realized that his passport did not have enough space, so we had to spend 2 weeks in the magnificent Philippines, where the time stopped and we got full of unique experiences.


After all those amazing experiences, we went to China for the last part of our trip. Erke, the great Chinese sportswear brand provided our clothes for the journey, and also motivated us for  organising the AsiaQuest project, and hosted us in various cities such as Hong Kong, Xiamen, Shanghai and Beijing, where we finished our journey on the 10/06/2015 from where we flew back to Athens 🙂