The AfriQuest project was born out of our desire to explore Africa.

Being already in Cape Town, We thought that instead of going back home by plane to return by crossing Africa!

Our goal was to film a documentary with all that we saw during our travels on the black Continent and the Greek diaspora that I was present there.  

As this was a unique opportunity, we decided to participate in as many volunteer programs and humanitarian projects possible as possible! So we raised money for charity that we used in projects that we organized in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan!

We went well … from Cape Town up to Cairo, caring only our tent and two backpacks!


Σακίδια στον ώμο!


Εθελοντικά προγράμματα







The route we followed

Starting from the rainbow nation of South Africa on 30.05.2014, we explored the Kingdom of Swaziland and the unexplored beauty of Mozambique and then we headed towards the Lake of thousand stars in Malawi and Tanzania, the country of Safari.

In Tanzania, we made a stop for volunteering with the NGO “SANA”, which has been founded by Costas Coucoulis, a Greek born in Burundi,.  Having filled our batteries, we continued in the former “Switzerland of Africa”, Burundi, then in the land of a thousand hills, Rwanda, from where we went to Uganda, the diamond of Africa!  With our continuous excitement about African cultures we continued in Kenya, the Maasai country, where we participated in a voluntary program by supporting a school built by the Orthodox Church in a slum of Nairobi.

Our journey continued in the country from where the humans started, the unique Ethiopia. As we mentioned, it was a unique opportunity to participate in as many humanitarian actions as possible, we included in our project the contribution to an orphanage in the capital Addis Ababa Antis.  Approaching the final destination, we explored Sudan travelling along the Nile where we made the last, but most important humanitarian program.. drilling in order to provide water to more than 1.200 people in the village of Al Youya! After this unique experience we reached the bustling capital of Egypt, Cairo, where our trip was d, on 30.11.2014!

Special mention was given to the Greeks in Africa. It’s hard to believe how many Greeks have emigrated in the black Continent and have managed to keep our culture alive until today. We visited Greek communities in South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Burundi, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt, etc, something that was very exciting!  As taking photos and videos from our travels is our passion, during this trip we had the opportunity to create something unique!