Spanish specialists in 2016, detected in the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands a new species of parasite – Haplosporidium pinnae- that affected the Spanish population of mollusks  NOBLE PENS – Pinna Nobilis, that spread to the Mediterranean Sea causing, until nowadays, a loss of 90% of bivalves in the sea region, including Greece seas, which led the species to enter the red list as critically endangered (CR).

When infected, the Pen’s shells exhibit retraction of the mantle, no reaction to external stimuli and open valves leading to the inability to close their shells causing a death attributed to body paralysis.

Every animal has a role in the ecossistem, thats why, to reduce the effect and try to save this species from extinction, it is necessary to create protected areas where surviving groups remain, education and awareness of the surrounding communities not to capture or consume the bivalves (the consumption of infected bivalves is subject to intestinal problems) and the creation of research centers for the reproduction and repopulation of Pinna Nobilis.